Monday, August 16, 2010



Albeit, I'm looking like this. Sexy, I know.

I'm drowned in books, books and eh, more books. O&G rotation has been a fun/exhausting/exasperating/emotional/ roller coaster (jeez, can i be any more cliche') filled with cute wee babies I may or may not want to kidnap. (We'll talk more on babies later)

What better way to end it with 3 fun filled exam days?!

4 theory papers tomorrow and 2 clinical exams after that, I'll be lucky to be alive.

Friday, January 29, 2010


This week has been extremely hectic. Packed with two tutorials, one quiz, two lab sessions and an assignment, I barely had time to breathe. It's crunch time for end-of-block exams, First Professional exam, Elective Research aaaaaannd Family Health course (presentation and report for the second year that's filled with activities such as urine sampling, feces sampling. yeah. ew.) To make matters worse, we have a mini research for a generic course that's compulsory to graduate. It got overwhelming this week, I must admit there were waterworks on my part. On a less depressing note about school, I got to see a case of Von Hippel Lindau disease (I know I'm not supposed to be excited about someone being sick, but it's a really rare disease.)

I digress. This post isn't about venting, it's about doodles! The first was done this week while killing time in class and the second was my first attempt to use watercolour (since 5 years ago, so don't judge me!)


In the forrest we will hide, unmarked graves where flowers grow.

Two more weeks till Chinese New Year holidays! Wohoo! Let's hope I survive until then.

Much love, people!

Friday, January 22, 2010

my first IF!

There's this pretty awesome website that throws out a theme each week and people draw, paint, whatever based on their interpretation. Do check it out, many many talented people send in their work. The theme of this week is wilderness, and I thought I'd give it a go. The first thing that came to my mind was getting lost.

wilderness= lost
lost= reading books
Therefore, wilderness= reading books?

That explains my current situation in the world of academia quite aptly.

It's not the best thing ever, but it's okay. It killed my boredom during class for an hour, so it served it's purpose. The trees actually have words, but I think it's too tiny to see ):

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


If I was a robot, I'd be dancing all day.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

om nom nom.

I haven't posted a doodle for a really long time. So this is for you, fresh out of the oven!

I was hungry. Need I say more?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

lo and behold!

Tadaa! I give you our very first button-badge design. It's around 3cm and comes in multiple colours, without the speech bubble. We'll be randomly giving out 5 to people purchasing an IMADETHIS! t-shirt. Yay! We're going to go make em' really soon. I'm so excited about it all! Heehee!

Much love, friends.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Numbered thoughts.

1. Exams are in two weeks. Eeek!
2. I bitch way too much about how boring my coursework is. This shall stop now.
3. My results for the last exams came in with an A, A-, B and B-.
4. I turn 20 in 5 days.
5. I miss home.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


It's 4am and I'm still up studying pathology for a tutorial on Monday. I'm sleepy, and bored. So I made a comic to amuse myself. Then decided to blog about it to procrastinate (If you're wondering why the hell am I procrastinating, well, you and me both then). I will regret this later, but for now I give you my brand spankin' first ever comic strip.

I should stop doodling on lecture notes.

Friday, December 4, 2009

During that guy's class, I make puzzles or guess-who-doodles to pass time, like this:
Apparently, the person I suck at doodling is myself. Everyone else got the other guess-who doodles right.
Next week, I shall attempt to recreate Where's Waldo!

I would like to state here that I'm not obsessed with Aztecs as I have been falsely accused. It's just that when I do eventually find something interesting enough, I tend to read up and think about it a lot, and naturally it comes up in conversation and artwork. I did this last week, too bad my scanner sucks and a lot of the soft colours have faded. The real thing is AMAZING, with feathers, shells and pebbles. The Aztecs deserve the Noble Prize in peace and chemistry for finding chocolate!

Headress of Moctezuma II using crayon, pencils and colour pencils.

I've been busy illustrating for little projects like gifts (so many people are December babies!), t-shirts, canvas bags and button badges. The amount of support from friends and family over the imadethis! project has been terrific, and I am truly grateful. Thank you for planting the idea in my head, convincing me to do it and believing that I CAN actually do it. I'm meeting manufacturers and printers in January after my Cardiovascular and Respiratory System block exams. I'm hoping to maintain a B at least, as a yardstick to whether or not I pass my First Final Professional Exam *insert nervous nail biting here* (It's this big exam after you finish your preclinical years, to determine whether you get to move on to the clinical years) and more importantly, if I get to go to Uganda!

Much love.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The sea is calling.

*Pictures were taken with a Nikon D8O or an Olympus IRsomething.

Just in need of a vacation.

I was born in the state of sandy beaches, rolling waves and coconuts. My family drives back to Terengganu a few times a year to visit my grandparents and spend time in the village. We go to the beach with my cousins (I have 11!) and have a picnic or BBQ there most of the time. We usually make the journey around this time of the year.

This secluded beach is only 15 mins away from my grandparents' home and known mostly to locals. It's like having your own private beach.

Pulau Perhentian is one of the best islands in Terengganu to go snorkeling and scuba diving. I love it here, the fishes and corals are beautiful.

We loike turdles!

The beach we frequent has a turtle sanctuary, and if you're lucky (or come in a large group with money to pay them) you get to release baby turtles into the sea. My little cousin had a plan to kidnap this one and keep it as a pet. The plan failed. Never trust 8 year olds with making diabolical plans involving cute animals.

We stay till the sun goes down
(or until one of the adults get bored and want to leave).

Good vibrations to all.