Friday, January 29, 2010


This week has been extremely hectic. Packed with two tutorials, one quiz, two lab sessions and an assignment, I barely had time to breathe. It's crunch time for end-of-block exams, First Professional exam, Elective Research aaaaaannd Family Health course (presentation and report for the second year that's filled with activities such as urine sampling, feces sampling. yeah. ew.) To make matters worse, we have a mini research for a generic course that's compulsory to graduate. It got overwhelming this week, I must admit there were waterworks on my part. On a less depressing note about school, I got to see a case of Von Hippel Lindau disease (I know I'm not supposed to be excited about someone being sick, but it's a really rare disease.)

I digress. This post isn't about venting, it's about doodles! The first was done this week while killing time in class and the second was my first attempt to use watercolour (since 5 years ago, so don't judge me!)


In the forrest we will hide, unmarked graves where flowers grow.

Two more weeks till Chinese New Year holidays! Wohoo! Let's hope I survive until then.

Much love, people!


Silmi Sabila said...

I really really love blogs with beautiful illustrations!