Friday, December 4, 2009

During that guy's class, I make puzzles or guess-who-doodles to pass time, like this:
Apparently, the person I suck at doodling is myself. Everyone else got the other guess-who doodles right.
Next week, I shall attempt to recreate Where's Waldo!

I would like to state here that I'm not obsessed with Aztecs as I have been falsely accused. It's just that when I do eventually find something interesting enough, I tend to read up and think about it a lot, and naturally it comes up in conversation and artwork. I did this last week, too bad my scanner sucks and a lot of the soft colours have faded. The real thing is AMAZING, with feathers, shells and pebbles. The Aztecs deserve the Noble Prize in peace and chemistry for finding chocolate!

Headress of Moctezuma II using crayon, pencils and colour pencils.

I've been busy illustrating for little projects like gifts (so many people are December babies!), t-shirts, canvas bags and button badges. The amount of support from friends and family over the imadethis! project has been terrific, and I am truly grateful. Thank you for planting the idea in my head, convincing me to do it and believing that I CAN actually do it. I'm meeting manufacturers and printers in January after my Cardiovascular and Respiratory System block exams. I'm hoping to maintain a B at least, as a yardstick to whether or not I pass my First Final Professional Exam *insert nervous nail biting here* (It's this big exam after you finish your preclinical years, to determine whether you get to move on to the clinical years) and more importantly, if I get to go to Uganda!

Much love.