Wednesday, November 25, 2009

what do you mean it's bad for you?

I decided to get snackage in the form of yummy chocolaty goodness before I start self-inflicted torture studying in the library. I was in the lift, one hand carrying a bar of chocolate and another with a cup of coffee when the Head of Anesthesiology went on. He threw me a shocked and disappointed look and said "What? Chocolates for lunch?!" while shaking his head. It was all very dramatic. But doesn't he know that chocolate is the root of all happiness?

*Anis without chocolates.

Anis having chocolates.
Happy as a clam.

Good juju to all.

*By the way, I'm Anis. Hi.

**I've been doodling aliens, whipped cream, and pyramids. To be posted once I've learnt the art of colouring. I'm learning how to use watercolour (given up on digital colouring. Photoshop has failed me.) and the usage of colour. I wish I attended art class at least once, then I won't look so dumb when my brother tries to explain that my choice of colours don't "balance".


parisa mahmoudi said...

Hello Anis! :)
Happy to see you and sooo thanks for your lovely comment.It made me happy and leaded me to your nice blog.I would back to see more of your nice illustrations!!!
Best Wishes

syakirah said...

as alwayz.. chocolate come 1st..
aiyoo pe nk jd nie.. at least mkn la 2 @ 3 bar nie 1 jew.. pew la..
anis draw 1 of ur whale n cow..

Anna Patricia said...

Keep up with the doodles! My best bud Kei and I grew up drawing 24/7 and this is what happened to her (not me)