Friday, November 20, 2009

Pets, Art and Music.

Two of my three goldfish died mysteriously. I barely had them for a week.

RIP Joe and Johnson.
Joe aka Xochtil
(I tried to give them Aztec names as they're gold.
It's a mouthful and I ended up calling them something simpler.)

My books have been calling my name for the past few days, and I am answering that call. I have a cardiology quiz around the corner and I haven't been able to doodle anything. So in the meantime I give you (you are no one, no one is reading this.) this very awesome video.

To wrap up all that awesomeness in a neat lil' package, here's some Arcade Fire for you. They've been playing in my head for days. This is an old song from their album Funeral. I don't think this is their video, but the others on youtube aren't as clear.

All is love.