Tuesday, October 27, 2009

forget pie, how about a big slice of doodles!

Boredom kills. To save me from stabbing myself with a pen to end my misery in classes, I doodle. It's on automatic pilot, I see anything capable of being drawn upon, I will draw on it. Sometimes they turn out cute, sometimes they turn out strange, but they do reflect where my mind is at that point.

I don't do it as much now as I used to. Even though it doesn't take long to doodle something funny (subject to opinion), it is pretty distracting. It would be hard to explain to patients why I don't know what's wrong with them because I wasn't fully paying attention to the professors.

The product of trying to recall anatomy lecture.

Scribbled for a t-shirt designing project with two other lovely people.

I just realised I should really get a sketch pad.


Ala Gamal said...

yay! I'm one of the two lovely people!=D

AR3Art said...

I like all three of these. The heart especially.